September 24, 2015


"Lilith" is a very good comic written and drawn by Luca Enoch and published by Bonelli Editore, I really love this comic book and I made a personal version of the main character, that is precisely Lilith. I made this image just for fun and to try maxwell render.

joy joy oh great JOY!!! Luca Enoch (the creator of Lilith) has posted on facebook this:

August 18, 2013

*** Hi Michelino!!! ***


Fast render test of Michelino.
This "fierce" character is the mascot of ALIMIK ANIMATION STUDIOS

*** Girl on Bicycle #3 ***

"Maillot a pois"

Another bicycle girl. The "Maillot a Pois" is the special cycling jersey given to the "King of the Mountains" in the Tour de France.

The black bicycle is a reinterpretation of my new bike, a wonderful "Cannondale bad boy 7". I love it!

May 3, 2012

*** Harley Quinn ***

 "Did I remember  to turn off the oven?"

This is my final entry for Armed and Dangerous competition.
Harley Quinn is my favourite character and I really like the Bruce Timm's  version of Harley, for this image my intention was a mix of style cartoon and realistic.

Basemesh are modeled and posed in Maya, and after I unwrap it, I bring it to mudbox for sculpting and texturing. Final render was done in Fryrender.

Any feedbacks are welcome!

October 11, 2011


"Wasp" line (staplers, pencil sharpner, rubbers) / 3D model and renderings -
design by Andrea Carpentieri / produced by PoliedroStudio / client: Alberto Belometti

Please follow this link to see others works:

September 20, 2011


Laiko is on-line! YEAH!!!
Please follow this link: Laiko, un bastardino nello spazio!!!

Laiko is my personal project, made just for fun!- watercolor on paper

November 16, 2010

***(5' 24") Ta Daaaa!!!***

"Nel Magico Mondo di Sonni" - "( The Lullaby World of Sonni)"
created by Achtoons srl - produced by Thun spa - realized by Maga animation studio

follow this link to watch the movie :

***Halloween Town***

This is based on an illustration from the videogame "Kingdom Hearts", I really loved this videogame!!!

***Moonlight Sonata***

I made this image just for fun.

serenata al chiaro di luna from domenico papetti on Vimeo.
"serenata al chiaro di luna" (Moonlight Sonata, First Movement
written by Ludwig van Beethoven).

**Luc Jambon!***

My first character done with Maya!

***Bom Bom***

Character made for the shortmovie "WORM GAME"
by Bigrock Training Center

pollastro from domenico papetti on Vimeo.

the shortmovie realized by BigRock (master VI)

Worm Game from BigRock on Vimeo.